Enjoy The Magical Life Of Artificial Turf

Have you ever seen someone’s nicely landscaped yard, and thought to yourself, oh my goodness it’s beautiful, I wish my yard looked like this! What if we told you it could. Most people that have a beautifully landscaped yard, usually have artificial turf. Artificial turf is fake grass that is excellent in every way. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s soft to the touch. This grass is a stunning bluish green color and catches everyone’s eyes. It is chemical free and safe for pets and small children, which is very important factor. Artificial turf in your back yard is durable enough to let children play hard and rough. No one likes to mow grass, especially in the heat or cold. Some families find it hard to find time in their busy schedules to even try to mow grass, and keep up with their landscaping needs. There is a major plus here, artificial turf is maintenance free.

No more hard, sweaty yard work. No more time consuming, schedule conflicting yard work. You never have to mow grass again. Artificial turf can grow anywhere in any type of weather. If your used to your natural grown grass, getting all wet and muddy, artificial turf won’t do that. There are no more messy, muddy and wet mud puddles, or swampy grass in your yard, when you have artificial grass planted. If some one in your family suffers from grass allergies, artificial turf is here to help. Let your family member that suffers from grass allergies, live a little, and breath fresh air with out the interruption of the allergies associated with natural grass. Artificial turf from Turf Distributors enhances the elegant look of a yard around pools, balconies, decks, pools, or any other landscape in your backyard. No matter if you are on your deck, in your pool, or enjoying the view from your rooftop, you can look around or look down and see you new beautiful green oasis surrounding you. Artificial turf is beautiful in every way. Not only is it durable, strong, and maintenance free, is it gorgeous, elegant, breathtaking and beautifully colored in every way. You can have realistic surface quality right in your own back yard. Once your yard is freshly landscapes you can invite all your family, and friends to come and enjoy it with you. Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Don’t let an ugly yard ruin your easter

Is Your Yard Ready For The Famous Family Easter Egg Hunt? You May Want To Take A Second Look.

Spring has sprung. The daffodils and tulips have made their appearance, and there are signs of spring all around. You bought your new spring outfit for Easter, and the children are ready too. As you stuff an endless amount of plastic eggs and plan where you are going to hide the giant chocolate bunnies, you look at the kitchen window. This is when you realize that your lawn has not recovered from the harsh winter months. There are brown spots, it is not lush and green, and Easter is just days away. The one holiday where the lawn is the backdrop to all of the activities. You cannot take your eyes off of your lawn. 

You tried to take care of the lawn throughout the summer and fall. You spent your weekends mowing, ranking, watering, reseeding and everything else the experts said to do. However, nothing seemed to work. The yard is still ugly. What did you do wrong? Let me let you in on a little secret. You did not do anything wrong. Due to many factors, it is almost impossible to grow that perfect lush, emerald green lawn that you dream of having. 

However, just because you can’t grow it, doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Install some artificial grass instead. Put an end to mowing, watering, fertilizing, and reseeding. If you call Artificial Turf Source not only will you have a beautiful yard, but you also will not have to worry about what the family thinks. You will be the envy of all of the relatives. Your weekends will now be free to pursue other interests and hobbies because you will no longer have to work in the yard. Most of all, though, everyone will enjoy a perfect Easter celebration in your beautiful yard.

Artificial Grass Recyclers Here to Make Your Lawn Life Heavenly

Living with the maintenance of a lawn can become a huge hassle. One nice thing about your lawn in winter time is the fact that you receive a break from the continuance process. Yet, the winter months come with a down fall, it’s extremely dreary to look outside and see nothing but brown surfaces and gray skies. With artificial turf you’ll receive the pleasure of greenery in winter and minimal upkeep year round.

There will be no worries when it comes to allergens, because our grass is non-toxic and allergen-free. Making it safe for all human and pet uses.

If you have children or pets who love to run around in your yard, they will be just as comfortable as if they were in normal grass. Artificial grass is squishy and lush on contact. Our lawns are easy to roll around in for younger tikes, and secure to run and play sports on for older children.

There will be no compromise when it comes to playtime during the wetter months. Artificial turf leaves behind the mess and concern for muddy paws or shoes in your house. The synthetic turf will leave your lawn and house beautiful while keeping you worry-free.

You may be wondering how an artificially lawn is able to drain after a heavy snowfall or during a steady rain storm. The structure of our synthetic grass lets liquid drain efficiently – at no inconvenience for you.

Cleaning up after your pets is also without a sweat. Simply pick up any waste, and if you so desire rinse away any spots where your pet’s waste may have been.

Those dogs who love to dig will have to find a new hobby. With no dirt to access this will keep the beauty of your lawn in tack and hole free.

Finding the time to maintain your lawn can be a real struggle. With the installation of synthetic grass you can say bye to the effort put into your lawn, and say hello to the extra money and time you will have on your hands. You’ll have to sell your lawn mower, and find a new use for the additional money not spent on your water bill and gasoline for your lawn mower.

Say yes to Artificial Grass Recyclers, and a more tranquil lifestyle by giving us a call for a quote today at (855) 409-4247. We are here to make your life easier

Football and Field Turf

Football is one of America’s favorite games to watch and play. You, or a couple of someone’s that you know, definitely sit around and wait for Sunday afternoons or Monday nights to watch their favorite team suit up, take the field and win the game. Sometimes the win happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless, most Americans love their football.

In recent years, however, football has been bought to the limelight due to injuries, especially head injuries. Many players have suffered severe concussions as a result of playing football. This questions the safety of the equipment they play in and the artificial turf fields they play on.

Playing on artificial turf is actually the preference of most NFL players. Even high school students say they actually prefer to play on artificial turf then on a real grass field. This is not difficult to believe considering all the benefits of an artificial grass field.

First, an artificial field requires much less maintenance. The artificial turf does not require any water or mowing. It does not require much raking either. The field is always perfect and green which makes prepping for game day go much quicker. There are no sun scorched patches of dry grass and no empty spots that can potentially turn into mud. All of this means a reduction in maintenance costs for the team owners.

Second, football is played in all kinds of weather. Rarely will you see a game postponed unless there is lightning. Players stay on the field through wind, rain and snow. On real grass, rain and snow can make the grass slippery and creates mud which raises the risk of injury for the players. However, this risk is limited when playing on artificial turf. Artificial grass is not meant to retain water. Therefore, when it does get wet it drains quickly and dries faster than its real counterpart. Lastly, different types of artificial grass are available for field surfaces and the correct one can be chosen by its MSP. The MSP measures the turfs ability to absorb the impact when a player falls and the hardness the field’s surface. The right turf surface will be hard enough to absorb the impact when a player falls to reduce the potential injuries to the head and spine, but not be too hard. However, it can’t be too soft of a surface either because this can lead to ankle and leg injuries.

No maintenance synthetic grass

Sometimes when we buy a home for our families, we buy what we can afford. We get something that has enough space for everyone and we call it done. We don’t focus on what the outdoors look like, we just appreciate that we have the money to put a roof over our heads and enough room for everyone to have their own area in the house. But sometimes getting the house that is big enough for everyone and cheap enough that we can afford it means that we have to cut some things out. More often than not you are losing your green grass. 

This isn’t always a loss that people are upset about. Not having grass means that you do not have to worry about maintenance for the lawn and taking care of it so that it doesn’t die or overgrow and you don’t have to worry about all of the animals and bugs hiding in it.

But some families, especially those with litter kids, need that yard. They need somewhere for their kids to play. Even if they do not have the time to take care of it, they still wish that they could have the yard that their kids deserve.

Well, what if I told you that you can? All you have to do is install synthetic grass and you can have the beautiful green lawn that you have always wanted but you do not have to worry about maintenance because this grass requires you to do nothing.

It’s a carpet material that you place over the concrete or the dirt and just like that you have a beautiful back or front yard. You don’t have to worry about the upkeep because this grass is completely fake and doesn’t require any attention to be green and soft. 

So go out there and get the yard that you and your family deserve. Contact Artificial Grass Liquidators today to talk about Artificial Turf Installation, estimated prices and when you can have your lawn installed.